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Maple Grove Weight Loss Testimonials

All testimonials on this website are real MedShape Maple Grove Weight Loss Clinic patients.

Almost every one of them had tried to lose the weight they wanted on their own, but with limited success. We are very thankful they have decided to share their positive experiences with the MedShape Weight Loss program. If you’d like to see the same or similar results, please click here to go to our “get started” page or complete the form the right. We look forward to helping you become the new you.

“So far I have been losing weight however I know I need the hormone therapy but I know that this will help me feel and look better. I believe this program will help me to be successful in targeting the weight. I’m very happy, so thanks.”

Shanda Powell  / Age: 38*

“Medshape is a great program. I love the one on one consults in private. At 7 weeks I lost 20lbs. and 7 inches total!!! I have gone from a 2X to an XL already and my pants are literally falling off. I have not worn a belt in probably 15 years (Yahoo). I can’t wait to go clothes shopping and buy a new swimsuit for next summer. I feel great!! I am not hungry and I no longer crave sugar/ sweets/ fried foods/ fast food, etc. I do miss pizza now and then but it can wait. The plan has easily fit into my “new” lifestyle. It is all about choices, portion control and moderation. I would highly suggest their protein shakes (choc mint is my favorite) and also the supplements; melt/sugar lean/ Liv lean. They seem to give an extra “boost” to my efforts. The energy level is amazing; I am no longer a “couch potato”. Don’t let the injections scare you off, they are painless and very small needles and are a part of my morning routine. Not a big deal at all. Give MedShape a try; you have nothing to lose but pounds and inches!!

On my way to a healthier life.”

Gretchen Cleveland*

“My daughter is getting married 7/4/2013. My sister in-law wanted a weight loss challenge, I decided I wanted to win. I joined MedShape in Aug. 2012 I‘ve tried many diets without much success. I don’t consider MedShape a diet. I find it’s more of a lifestyle change. I love that you eat real food, healthy food. By drinking the 8 glasses of water a day I feel my skin and hair are healthier. My goal is to lose 100 lbs. I’ve lost 55lbs in 4 months. I’m on the downward slope. Thanks to the MedShape staff for their pointers and encouragement. My goal is within reach. Winning!”

Shirley Olson*

“MedShape has improved my physical health and overall wellbeing; I had lost 30 lbs, 3 dress sizes and have more self-confidence. The team at MedShape has been great; everyone has been helpful & supportive. The key is making good choices and eating food found in your grocery store- fish, produce and proteins. It is the first program that I have found success and I have not been deprived.
Thanks MedShape!”

Jane P. Hartner / Age:50*

“Easy program to follow and amazing results (lost 18lbs in 1st 2 weeks). The diet is a bit boring but manageable. I wanted the support of a nutritionist & I’m getting it.”

Jim Day / Age: 55*

“It’s always a positive experience here at MedShape.”

Tammy Hahn / Age: 56*

“MedShape has not only helped me lose weight but also eliminated my acid reflux. Before the program I was on daily medication and anti-acid pills, now neither. I feel great and look great and have a ton of energy.
The staff is great and very supportive. I look forward to coming in each week and seeing my progress.”

Connie Daily / Age: 45*

“I have noticed a great increase in energy level. I have lost about 10 inches in my waist giving me an opportunity to refresh my wardrobe.
The staff has always been very supportive and helpful during this journey.”

Dennis Daily / Age: 45*

“I had tried unsuccessfully for years to lose weight and keep it off. I have always been up and down. The MedShape plan has worked great for me. The staff is very helpful and caring and have become my family. Eating real food is important to me. This plan is real food and developing a healthy lifestyle. I love the products as well. Thank you MedShape!!”

Tina Olds / Age: 44*

“MedShape is the 1st diet that actually worked for me. It’s so easy to follow, I don’t feel I’m dieting, more like a healthy way of living. I feel great, have more energy, my arthritis doesn’t bother me as much and love shopping for new clothes. All the MedShape staff are so friendly and helpful. They’re all knowledgeable and able to answer any questions I may have. They give me pointers and encouragement. I’ve recommended MedShape to friends.

Thanks MedShape for showing me to a healthy weight loss.”

Shirley Olson / Age:54*

“Hi, I am very pleased with my results! I was very nervous when I first began the program because I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. The first week was very inspiring. I lost several pounds and this was AWESOME! So, I kept (and still keep) the philosophy, as long as I am losing each week, I am ok. It doesn’t matter if it is a half a pound or 3 pounds, as long as I am not gaining weight I look at it as a positive result. I took approx. 6 weeks off over the holidays and maintained myself, when I returned to the program to finish my weight loss goal, I found that I had even lost a little bit while off the program. This is exciting for me, it showed me that I could manage myself without the program . I had taken what I learned in the program and applied it to my daily life. I definitely watched what kind of foods I was eating. I made better choices with my meals. I am back on the program and excited to complete my goal in the next 5 weeks. Thanks to everyone for their support and for keeping me on track!

I am currently not interested in being a video.”

Peggy Olson / Age: 47*

“I was surprised how easy this has been! I have always been hungry. For the first time ever I have been able to follow the program with ease. I have tried every other weight loss program from point counting to food delivered and nothing has worked like this!! This is something that I feel can fit my life forever without being too constricting in their words.
It’s Awesome!!”

Jennifer Dickison /  Age: 37*

*Results are not guaranteed and the weight loss depicted may not be typical. Results will vary based on each patient’s physical health, family history, diet and exercise, physical condition and adherence to the MedShape Weight Loss program. Click here to read full disclaimer.
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