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We Get Tired. But When Could Fatigue Mean A Medical Problem?


When people are asked about how they’re doing, “tired” is often part of the response. A 2015 poll found 38 percent of Americans were often under fatigue and poorly rested at least four days of the week. Research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from a few years earlier found that 15 percent of women and 10 percent of men said they were “very tired or exhausted” most days or every day Read More

Counting Calories To Lose Weight

counting calories

The idea of counting calories to lose weight depends on a pound of fat being equivalent to 3,500 calories, so that cutting 500 calories a day implies you ought to lose around one pound in seven days. That is not generally true, however. Many weight control plans restrain day by day calories to 1,200, however this may not be the magic number for everybody. It could be too low for an exceptionally active man or too high for an Read More

Planking: Great Exercise To Shore Up Your Core Mucle and Help You Lose Abdominal Fat

lose abdominal fat

What Is Planking? Planking is an exercise fad that had quickly became a huge hit.  Also known as the Lying Down Game, it is an activity consisting of lying face down—sometimes in an unusual or incongruous location. Both hands must touch the sides of the body. Some players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play. The term “planking” refers to mimicking a wooden plank. It is a great exercise to condition your core and Read More

New Discovery Revealed An Unknown Appetite suppression

There has been plenty of recent research focusing on how your gut bacteria can send messages to your brain controlling appetite and feelings of satiation, but a recent discovery by researchers from the Columbia University Medical Centre has revealed a previously unknown appetite-regulating mechanism that is secreted by bone cells. The CUMC team has been researching the function of bones for many years and back in 2007 made a major discovery. They revealed that our Read More

Maximize Your Exercise Routine With These Right At-Home Workout Equipment

workout equipment

Many individuals these days realize that the way to a long life is to eat sound and do normal exercise. This reality has made exercise centers or gym memberships and home workout equipment surge in the most recent decade. Many individuals pick the latter because of its usability in their own home and not not having to deal with gym rats. There are many types of exercise equipment available, yet the most well known are treadmills and Read More

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