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Medshape Weight Loss Specials In May 2017

Serious about losing weight? Stay healthy and in shape with Medshape’s Annual Weight Loss Deals and Specials! Happening NOW…
Enjoy Medshape’s top weight loss programs with fantastic savings. Don’t wait too long to start getting ready for summer. Call our clinics today and get started.

Weight Loss Deals May 2017

SLIM Now Therapy (hCG)

ONLY $40 per week.
A savings of $50 per week
4 weeks minimum, 8 weeks maximum purchase

The real weight loss diet that involves no surgery, no starving, no outrageous exercise programs, no dangerous pills or expensive packaged meals.  With success rate of over 90%…

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The Metabolic Quick Start Program

weight loss deals may 2017

Modified liquid program by Medshape for a very fast weight loss
Is your weight just “Stuck”? Are you in a plateau?Do you feel you need a fast quick start to really get motivated? Are you sick of eating all day? Do you REALLY want to lose 10 – 12 pounds every 2 weeks? Then this program is for you.

3 – 4 MEDSHAPE PROTEINS PER DAYweight loss deals may 2017
Choose from Medshape juice, shakes, oatmeal, bars, soups and have 3-4 per day. Enjoy meat and vegetables for dinner. As easy as that. Give your weight loss a huge jump!

$125 for 2 weeks
Normally $180 per 2 weeks
2 week minimum, 6 week maximum purchase


BeLEAN Weight Loss Program

weight loss deals may 2017

That’s right! Lose up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Check out Medshape’s proprietary blend of BeLean. All you need to do is come into the clinic once per week and receive one injection.

ONLY $45 per week
4 week minimum purchase, 8 week maximum purchase

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weight loss deals may 2017

NEW!!! Metabolic BLAST

We are excited to announce another new and proven weight loss program with exceptional results.
Receive 2 injections of Metabolic Blast per week in our clinic
Follow our Medshape recommended nutrition plan
Lose 3 – 4 pounds average per week
Perfect for Slow Thyroid and Hormone Imbalance

ONLY $230 for 4 weeks or $330 for 4 weeks with hCG added


weight loss deals may 2017Medshape’s Metabolic Uplift Injections and Other Support Injections

  • Ignitors – $20 per week (3 per week from home, 6 weeks maximum)
  • Metabolic Uplift – $10 per injection (5 minimum, 10 maximum)
  • B12 Injections- $2 each (10 minimum, 20 maximum)



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